winter safety tips


With the winter thaw behind us, warmer temperatures and longer nights make it an opportune time to put a renewed focus on home and auto safety! Policyholders can stay safe and avoid costly claims with these seasonal safety tips:  


For Homeowners

  • Test your smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors. Better yet, test them monthly!
  • Keep grills away from siding. Click here for more safe grilling tips.
  • Never put portable wood burning fireplaces on decks, and refrain from burning during a drought.
  • Be careful not to put hot ash from an outdoor fireplace in the trashcan.
  • Keep pool gates locked when not in use.
  • Clean gutters and drains of leaves and debris.
  • Have your HVAC unit serviced if it wasn’t done in the Winter. This should be done at least once a year, as well as replacing the filter.

 For Vehicle Owners

  • Look out for potholes that may have popped up since winter! Large potholes can cause damage to your vehicle. Equally as dangerous? Swerving to avoid them.
  • Stay vigilant for bicyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Slow down in residential neighborhoods. Nicer weather means more children will be out playing.
  • Slow down when it’s raining, too! Wet roads can be just as slick as icy roads.

Learn more about the top 6 dangers for spring driving and how to stay safe – click here!


May 9, 2023


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