Generative AI in the Workplace

So, you want to start using Artificial Intelligence to assist with some of your daily tasks?

Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of the insurance industry by streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, generative AI can analyze vast amounts of data to predict risks, optimize pricing models, and automate underwriting procedures. This technology facilitates the creation of realistic scenarios for risk assessment, aiding insurers in more accurate decision making.

While these systems can generate impressive outputs, they should be used with caution. Striking a balance between leveraging the capabilities of GenAI and ensuring ethical deployment is crucial to mitigate risks and maximize the positive impact of this technology.

Here, Jay Martin, Vice President & Information Security Officer, and Corey Lehman, Information Security Analyst, share their do’s and don’ts for how to safetly integrate generative AI into your workflow.


THANKSGIVING Safety Tips (1)

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