Donegal Employees Are #OneInAMillion!

June 11, 2020

Texting and driving is dangerous behavior in traffic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Donegal employees have partnered with restaurants we insure to provide meals to essential, frontline workers. Mike Moellers, Rob Faber, and Scott Jacob in our Midwest Region all received a “One in a Million” award for their efforts. 

“Together, we can find and lift up the good and recognize every action with the One in a Million Award. “

In our Albuquerque Office, these employees were honored with a “One in a Million” award for their help distributing food: Andrea Henderson, Bill Davis, ET Wilbur, Gloria Montoya, Jeremy Thompson, and Julie Nicolyasen. Bobby Thompson in Albuquerque was honored with the award for helping to deliver PPE to rural school districts. To read their full stories, click the link below:

Between now and Aug. 31, Multiplying Good will honor one million individuals and organizations with a “One in a Million” award. Every act counts. Each will be honored.


Visit to nominate, and read stories of others who are helping!

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