Donegal’s 2021 Corporate Summer Interns!

August 2, 2021

Donegal® is proud to introduce our 2021 Corporate Summer Interns, who have spent the past few months gaining hands-on insurance experience while making valuable departmental contributions.

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Scott Allison

Legal Intern | Rutgers Law, Class of 2022


Hometown: Chester Springs, PA

Career Ambitions: To become an attorney

Something You May Not Know: I enjoy volunteering with the Special Olympics. My family has helped raise over $600,000 for the Chester County (Pennsylvania) Special Olympics through a number of events.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

Everyone at Donegal has been incredibly welcoming and helpful. Donegal is a large company with a small company feel. Multiple company officers took the time to talk to the interns and teach us about the insurance industry.


RJ VanTash

Data Analytics Intern | Temple University, Class of 2022


Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Career Ambitions: Actuarial Science/Mathematics

On the weekends, you can find me: Playing golf, basketball, listening to music and watching movies.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

Being able to work with data effectively by making the right assumptions comes with experience and real-world knowledge.


Autumn Schmoel

Operations Intern | Millersville University, Class of 2023


Hometown: Maytown, PA

Career Ambitions: Small Business Entrepreneurship

Something You May Not Know: One big goal of mine is to write a fiction novel.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

“This is my first time working in a traditional office setting, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. Interning at Donegal this summer has given me an appreciation for the community-like atmosphere that exists here. I would love to encourage that same feeling in my own business one day.


Gavin Hanzelman

Commercial Underwriting Intern | Temple University, Class of 2022


Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Career Ambitions: Underwriting, or the Mayor of Lancaster City

On the weekends, you can find me: Watching sports, going to the library, spending time with my family

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

“That customer service is king. Agents, employees, and everyone you come in contact with deserves respect and to be heard.


Chris Bhola

Marketing Virtual Intern | St. John’s University, Class of 2024


Hometown: Flushing, NY

Career Ambitions: Actuarial Science as well as Enterprise Risk Management

Something You May Not Know: I’ve learned to become a pretty decent cook during the long quarantine period – and not just eggs. My mom even relies on me to cook some family dinners now, which means I may… or may not enjoy my new skill set.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

“I have really learned how complex, dynamic, and interesting the insurance world can be. From a marketing perspective, there’s so much that goes into making Donegal stand out amongst its competitors- most important to this is highlighting how dedicated and committed every employee is to ensuring customers receive the best service possible.


Allyn Stallone

Surety Bonds Underwriting Intern | Temple University, Class of 2022


Hometown: Phoenixville, PA/Allentown, NJ

Career Ambitions: I am most interested in a career on the property & casualty side of the insurance industry. I think I would enjoy working in underwriting or claims.

On the weekends, you can find me: Spending time with friends and family- and, alternating between a multitude of hobbies, including multimedia art, music, jewelry making, reading, video games, and more.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

“Insurance just continues to impress me with how interesting and diverse it is, and my internship at Donegal has only solidified this. My experience has encouraged me to continue exploring my multitude of interests in insurance.”


Brecken Musser

Operations Intern | Penn State, Class of 2022


Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA

Career Ambitions: In addition to pursuing careers where I can use my marketing and management degrees, I am also interested in working for organizations that pursue humanitarian or nonprofit work.

On the weekends, you can find me: Playing golf and spending time with my friends. Every weekend, some of my hometown friends and I get together for a game night. Sundays, I enjoy going to church and being connected in the church community.

Biggest Internship Takeaway So Far:

“The interconnectivity and teamwork required and used at Donegal is astounding. Learning about collaboration between departments in the classroom does not do justice to how much is actually needed at Donegal, or any company for that matter. Donegal does a great job with its employees working together within their departments and then collaborating across departments.”

Flip to Page 22 of our July Agent Newsletter to read the full 2021 Corporate Summer Intern bios.


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