3 Ways to Cut Down on Distracted Driving

Written by Donegal Marketing

June 13, 2019

Driver looking at phone

People have a hard time putting down the phone when behind the wheel, despite knowing the dangers of distracted driving. Sadly, this bad habit is the reason why more than 1,000 people are injured daily in reported crashes involving a distracted driver.

Some states have passed laws that prohibit texting while driving; others ban cellphone use altogether. Despite efforts to decrease the number of distracted driving incidents, drivers are the ones who must choose to put the phone down so they can focus on the road.

From using driver-friendly apps to listening to music or podcasts, there are three ways to cut back on phone use and distracted driving.

Read the full article here, featured as part of our Drive Safe Partnership with CBS 21.

*Portions of this article were originally published by CBS 21 in partnership with Donegal Insurance Group and our Drive Safe Partnership.


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