As the crisp autumn leaves blanket the ground and the year draws to a close, Donegal is taking a moment to reflect on our accomplishments this past year and ramp up for the coming year. 

In this newsletter, we’re thrilled to bring you exciting updates, introduce you to key individuals, and share stories that capture the essence of Donegal’s achievements and aspirations.

⭐ Meet Dale Shedd, Donegal’s 2023 Jefferson Award recipient. Read Dale’s story and how he inspires us to support and encourage one another.

🔍 Catch up with our AVP of Loss Control and learn how this dedicated team is enhancing our commitment to providing top-notch service.

🌵 Texas holds a special place in our hearts, and in this edition, we shine the spotlight again on one of our largest Lone Star State agencies.

🍺 Learn more about a uniquely designed package for microbrew pub and distillery owners under Donegal’s restaurant program.


As we bid farewell to Fall 2023, we look forward to embracing the holiday festivities and ushering in a new year filled with growth, prosperity, and shared accomplishments.

As you read through the following pages, we encourage you to share any feedback, including ideas for topics you’d like to see included in future issues. Whether it be industry trends, news from your agency or important team member milestones that deserve a shoutout – we’d love to hear about it.





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