This quarter, we put the spotlight on Legacy Risk Solutions, a network of independent insurance agencies headquartered in Gainesville, GA and serving communities in Georgia and South Carolina for more than a century.

We asked Legacy’s leaders a few questions to learn more about their success. Their answers were provided collectively as a team.

As an agency, what’s the best part of your job?
Seeking client oriented solutions for our clients. Donegal has been a great partner and continues to support our growth and our mission!

What makes your employee team great?
LRS is a mixing pot of experience and knowledge, well poised for growth due to our synergistic ideals and operations. We feel like a true family.

What aspect/accomplishment are you most proud of at your agency?
Our ability to grow and assimilate; we have been fortunate to grow at a rapid pace, but also maintain our individual ideals and features throughout the process. In the end this leaves us with a much wider breadth while still keeping those things that made us special in the first place

What’s a fun fact that we wouldn’t know about your agency?
While LRS feels like a family… in many cases it is! We have multiple pairings of mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, cousins, and more across our many locations. Some even spanning over multiple generations!

What advice do you have for other insurance professionals?
Embrace the unknown and the change. Every coming day, we set out to learn more about this great industry, and the continued growth mindset keeps us stanced progressively to continue to overcome hurdles as they arise.

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